Gucci Marmont reinvents the retro style of the 70s

For example, traditionally, dark colors are popular in autumn and winter, and bright colors are pursued in hot summer. As the spring of Vientiane renews, it has always used pink tones. Girls are powdered in the spring season, but they are actually the most fashionable!

In order to welcome the arrival of spring, Gucci recently replaced its hot-selling GG Marmont 2.0 handbag series with new clothes. From the most common black, it turns into the soft pink color of spring, with light pink, light blue and pink yellow. With mint green and the most special magic rainbow colors, all the notes are blended together and the attention is extremely high. Fans of Gucci control should know that the double G accessory buckle in the center of the traditional GG Marmont handbags has always used gold as the main color palette, but this season to cater to the spring theme, the accessory buckle is also specially changed to the silver version The combination of pink is indeed a retro 70s style.

In addition to the new GG Marmont 2.0 series, the styles are more diversified. In addition to many colors, the bag also has 3 sizes of shoulder bags, 2 sizes of camera bags, and hand bags. The materials are excellent and the workmanship is beautiful. , There is always a taste for urban girls