Gucci bag maintenance tips

Gucci (Gucci) brand products are many, including handbags, shoes, clothes, and even watches. Buying gucci handbags will make many children's shoes eat for a few months, but I don't want GUCCI handbags to be used for only two or three years! Some people say that bags should not be replaced after two or three years? For local tyrants, GUCCI bags can be replaced every day, and most children's shoes also hope that GUCCI bags can be used for a few more years! The GUCCI handbag broke in less than three years and can only be thrown away. why? Your maintenance method must be wrong. GUCCI handbags and other leathers have their own professional maintenance methods that can be introduced to everyone!

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1. Sun and moisture

Although the quality of the GUCCI bag is very good, it is only a kind of bag, and you must pay attention to sunscreen and moisture when using it. The leather of the bag can't resist the sun, and the bare leather is easy to crack, shortening the service life of the bag. If the bag is not handled in time after getting wet, the bag will quickly become a mess. If not handled in time, the damp bag will also become moldy. After the bag gets wet, you can wipe off the moisture with a clean cotton cloth and then dry it in a cool and dry place!

2. Anti-scratch and anti-break

GUCCI bags are not a vegetable basket. Just pack some cosmetics, mobile phones and other small items. Don't just install them as vegetable baskets. GUCCI bags are packed too much. Overloading can cause the bag to rupture. When using GUCCI bags, be careful not to scratch the bags. The scratched bag should be repaired in time!

3. Clean in time

GUCCI bags should be cleaned when dirty, such as sweat, water and stains. These are the dirtiest things GUCCI handbags may encounter. When the bag is covered with sweat, please wipe with a clean cotton cloth in time, then rinse gently with water, wipe off the moisture with the cotton cloth, and then dry in a cool dry place! For water stains and other stains, you can add some detergent. If it is still difficult to remove the stains, the craftsman recommends sending the bag to a professional luxury repair and maintenance organization for comprehensive cleaning and maintenance!

4. Reasonable storage

When not in use, it is important to keep GUCCI bags properly! When buying GUCCI bags, the bag or box is the best bag collection tool. Before storing the bag, it is recommended to thoroughly clean the bag. After the bag is dry, you can stuff old newspaper or foam into the bag, and then put it into the bag to deform and collapse. Putting a little camphor pill in the bag can effectively prevent mold on the bag and prevent insects from biting on the bag.

5. Regular maintenance

The GUCCI bag has been used for a long time, the side grease and four corners of the bag and the handle, hardware accessories and other parts will be damaged. For these damages, it is recommended that you repair and maintain them in time, which can greatly extend the life of the bag. Normally, you only need to inspect and maintain the bag once a year. There are many customers who inspect and maintain bags. Their luggage will not be thrown away in two or three years.