Gucci's hottest bag this year is none other than it

When it comes to replica Gucci bags, how can you not mention the "Double G" series? Gucci's new generation of "Double G" series continues the 70s brand style, infused with contemporary aesthetics, forming a unique GG Marmont series. Let people experience the beauty of contradiction and symbiosis in the trendy and old, simple and complex.

The most tangled thing about buying this one must be the size problem, so customers often ask me with pictures, how big is this, how big is that, and which size I am suitable for, it is also difficult for me to choose and answer it.

I have been in touch with this package every day and watched a lot of them. After a long time, I become proficient. At the same time, I have sorted out the upper body diagrams of various sizes for you, and the details are compared and introduced below.

In overseas markets, GG Marmont chain bag sizes are divided into large, medium, small, mini, and super mini, but we currently buy the most and the most common only three sizes: 26, 22, 16.5

GG Marmont chain bag size

In the European market, the size of the GG Marmont chain bag is divided into large, medium, small, mini, and super mini

GG Marmont large shoulder bag: W35cm x H25cm x D10cm

GG Marmont medium matelassé shoulder bag: W31cm x H19cm x D7cm

GG Marmont small shoulder bag: W26cm x H15cm x D7cm (many people buy it)

GG Marmont matelassé mini bag: W22cm x H13cm x D6cm (most people buy)

GG Marmont matelassé leather super mini bag: W16.5cm x H9.5cm x D4.5cm (someone also buys it)

GG Marmont medium upper body size, I have to say that this bag is really a perfect match with the autumn and winter coat.

Learn about the GG Marmont small upper body~ The chain is versatile, it can be single-shoulder/cross-back, or you can turn the chain into a double-layer single-shoulder under the armpit in a second!

The mini number must be mentioned separately, the Mini-size chain can be disassembled. There are four types of backs for this model. It is suitable for holding it by hand or slanting back. It can also be used as a waist bag.

More and more people like mini upper body effect mini bag, all luxury goods are making mini, many fashion people are chasing it, small enough is beautiful enough!

The most beautiful one-shoulder chain bag in history. Not only is it good-looking and easy to use, it must be recommended. I found that European and American bloggers really like the GG Marmont series. Almost all bloggers have one, and they look very good with it! The small "mini" is really good enough. According to my opinion, the chain bag should be a little smaller and cross-body to look good. If it is too big, a little girl will look a little bit awkward. Finally, I remind everyone who loves bags, in fact, this marmont is not as difficult to buy as everyone says, and it does not need to be specially distributed.