Gucci pearl shoes identify authenticity

Gucci square root Muller shoes + pearl design, once launched, popular fashion circle. The designer placed the pearl on the heel, which was so beautiful that there was no way back! The low-key, unintentional sense of luxury was born spontaneously, and the minimalist style was an unexpected chic.

The leather of this pair of shoes is really good and soft, there is no need to worry about blisters on the feet after wearing. Expensive has expensive benefits. No matter how expensive the copy is, it can't make such good quality. First of all, the hardware must not be good, the pearl and the leather must not be good, and the leather must not be so soft, so the price is still the same. Yeah.

Gucci pearl shoes

This pearl shoe can be said to be a pair of little fairies, but now there are so many imitations, how can I buy it for real? Today, how to identify the authenticity of GUCCI pearl shoes

I. Double GLOGO

The authentic Gucci double GLOGO pattern weave is very neat, you can clearly see the pattern of the two capital letter G. The fake Gucci double GLOGO pattern does not look like a clear capital letter G, but looks like C, and the genuine double G is separate and will not be connected together. The workmanship of the double GLOGO is perfect. Each stitch is in the same direction. If you slowly rotate the Gucci pearl shoes in the light, you will see the double G logo change color with the refraction of the light, but the fake G Double Logo does not. It will change color.


Genuine Gucci pearl shoes have very fine workmanship. The stitching on the edges of the shoes is straight and very neat, while the workmanship of fake Gucci may be very rough, the car lines are not uniform and crooked. Observe whether the end of the line is clean, whether the inner leather fold or the cutting line is flat, and a careful comparison can make the fake nowhere to be shaped.

Third, the label number

There is a small label inside the authentic Gucci, with "Gucci-MADE IN ITALY" on the outside, and the model number (model nos) and batch number (batch nos) on the inside. The font on the lining label of the fake product may be blurred. There is also no number on the back of the label. The words on and off the small label on genuine Gucci are very clear. They are printed on it, and the handwork is very delicate. Generally, the words on the counterfeit goods label look like printed ones.

Fourth, cloth

The leather parts of genuine Gucci pearl shoes are made of wild boar skin, which is stronger than other leather materials such as cowhide, calfskin or ostrich leather. Synthetic Leather for fakes smells like It smells like plastic. Although it is not easy to distinguish under normal circumstances, if it is newly purchased, the difference between true and false will be obvious. Gucci's nylon fabric feels flat and thick. Fake Gucci's nylon cloth is relatively thin, there is no texture to touch.